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Share Facts

You can use the power of social media to spread awareness about lung cancer and engage your own network of friends and family to join the movement. Utilize some of our pre-made posts and graphics or create your own. Share lung cancer facts and advancements and spread the hope of a better tomorrow. Don’t forget to tag @LUNGevity and use the hashtag #LCSM to have the greatest impact.

Give Hope

Nine years ago, LUNGevity established May as Lung Cancer Hope Month to celebrate the incredible strides in research and survivorship for the lung cancer community. Each year we have more reasons to be hopeful—more treatments are being approved, more people are being diagnosed earlier, the community of advocates is growing stronger, and many people are living longer and better with the disease.

This year, you can get involved and help drive this momentum by spreading awareness of this month-long celebration on your social media channels. Below is recommended language for posting to your social media accounts, along with images for your use. Please feel free to repost using the different options below throughout May.

Thank you in advance for helping spread the word about the hope in lung cancer and celebrating this important and inspiring month with us!